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About us

Technology, at the dawn of the third millennium, is a fast-growing arena dictating itself into the everyday life of people from all walks of life. Every now and then, all of us are witnessing revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of technology to augment the standards of human living. Academic and professional networking is one of the achievements of the computer technology, which can facilitate the connections between members of the scientific community. 

Lingoseek® is the first ever single-topic job board devoted to the employment in the field of all foreign languages. Lingoseek® joins the job seekers and the leading recruiters offering the language-related vacancies all across the world. Lingoseek® service includes but not limited to employments in such vacancies as language teacher, translator, employee, secretary, form translator, content producer, interpreter, commercial manager, researcher, supervisor, tourist guide, author, editor, tutor, … . Lingoseek® provides the job seekers with the most comprehensive and detailed resume maker module not to ignore any of the qualities they have. Lingoseek® is proud to offer all its services free of any charge for recruiters and job seekers. Special promotion packages are also available for recruiters to streamline the recruiting experience worldwide.

Should you have any queries, please contact us.